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Xbox 360 Elite Components

Xbox 360 Elite

Xbox 360 Elite

The Xbox 360 Elite is jewl in the crown of the Xbox 360 range. The huge 120GB hard drive means you'll have plenty of space to download high-definition TV shows, music and games. A wireless controller is also included, along with a black xbox live headset and HDMI cable.

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   Saving £82.97! Includes 2 games & wireless controller.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE (9th Dec 2008):
Due to extremely high demand for the Xbox 360 Elite this Christmas, many retailers are now runninglow on stock. If you intend to receive an Xbox 360 in time for Christmas, get your order in quickly to avoid disappointment!

Xbox 360 Buying Tips

We recommend using Amazon to make your purchase. Unlike some other retailers at this hectic time of year, they're ultra reliable. If they say it's in stock - then it's in stock. Once you've placed your order, you can relax, knowing you're certain to receive the Xbox 360 Elite in time for Christmas! They also offer free p&p.

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The Xbox 360 is Microsoft's successor to the Xbox console, and is the first "next generation" games console to hit the market. It has three powerful core processors which pump out 720p/1080i output (translation: graphics look great)

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Xbox 360 Arcade

Play together today with Xbox 360 Arcade, including the Xbox 360 console, wireless controller, and memory unit for game saves. Get ready for fun right out of the box with five Xbox LIVE® Arcade games, including PAC-MAN and UNO®.

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