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Looking for a Bundle Deal?

To take advantage of these bundle deals: Click the link below to buy - then simply add the console, and then the game to your basket. Enter the discount code (XBXGME10) when you reach Amazon's checkout, and the discount will then be applied to your order. Easy!

Xbox 360 Pro Console
+ Tomb Raider Underworld
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Xbox 360 Pro Console
+ Fallout 3
£172.85 - Click to Buy (Save £9.57)
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Xbox 360 Pro Console
+ Fable II
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Xbox 360 Pro Console
+ SmackDown Vs Raw 2008
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Xbox 360 Pro Console

Includes: Xbox 360, 60GB hard drive, wireless controller, ethernet cable, HD AV cable and headset. Built in HDMI.

The Xbox 360 premium has three powerful core processors which pump out 720p/1080i output (translation: graphics look great), 16x9 cinematic aspect ratio (translation: it's sort of like the cinema), anti-aliasing for smooth textures (translation: characters look less like chimps and more like people), full surround sound and DVD playback right out of the box.

Buy From Amazon - £162.85 (Save 8%)

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UPDATE (9th Dec 2008):
Due to extremely high demand for the Xbox 360 this Christmas, many retailers are now rapidly running out of stock early! To secure your Xbox 360 in time for Christmas, don't waste any time - place your order, before it's too late!

Xbox 360 Buying Tips

We recommend using Amazon to make your purchase. Unlike some other retailers at this hectic time of year, they're ultra reliable. If they say it's in stock - then it's in stock. Once you've placed your order, you can relax, knowing you're certain to receive the Xbox 360 Pro in time for Christmas! They also offer free p&p.

Xbox 360 Reviews

By M. Neergheen,
"I recently bought a 360 and I love it it's so good. There is so much choice of games and xbox live is so much better that PS3 online. I was thinking about getting a PS3 but i'm so glad I didn't. My friend has got a PS3 and the 360 is so much better for lots of reasons. BUY a 360."

By Mr. M. J. Archer,
"Just a brilliant console. More punch than the Wii, and with much better games than Sony's latest monstrosity that is the PS3. The Xbox 360 is the best looking, best designed console that the world has ever seen. The controllers are even better than the old Xbox ones, being smaller and wireless, the games are beautiful and the console is not too loud. Also, its selling point is its games and not a "revolutionary" Blueray player. I'd still choose Xbox games over PS3 games if Sony's were beamed onto your system via a spaceship, I'd rather have ones that are actually fun to play. What's best is that unlike Sony, Microsoft didn't have to steal ideas off Nintendo to build a good console!"

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