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Playstation 3 PS3

Playstation 3 80GB PS3

Huge 80GB hard disk drive - plenty of space for downloads! Blu-ray technology unlocks a whole new generation high-definition games and movies. The new Cell Broadband Engine offers unmatched performance (40x faster than Playstation2). Brand new DualShock 3 controller adds new dimension to the gaming experience.

Includes: 'Little Big Planet'
+ Free PS3 game
+ Free HDMI cable.

Best Price: 283.79 from Amazon

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UPDATE (9th Dec 2008):
Due to extremely high demand for the PS3 this Christmas, many retailers are now running very low on stock. If you intend to receive an Xbox 360 in time for Christmas - get your order in quickly to avoid disappointment!

Playstation3 Bundle Offers

There are some great PS3 bundle offers available, which include game and movie options. From 283.97!

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